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Personal Use and Retirement

To compensate limitations in their private life, in Germany the compulsory health insurance fund will provide physically challenged people with assistive devices for private use. Private health insurance funds in Germany will bear costs of technical aids dependent on your personal insurance policy. Often liabilities with certain risks are contractually excluded. It is possible to get those risks insured subsequently, which normally will result in a higher insurance premium.

In Germany, listed technical aids can be prescribed by your GP. Other countries do have different systems in place. In Iceland, the Icelandic Low Vision and Rehabilitation Clinic is responsible for rehabilitation and assistive devices for blind and visually impaired people. The Low Vision and Rehabilitation Clinic will provide information and advice, does casework, servicing, and is responsible for reuse and purchasing. Blind or Visually impaired pensioners in Austria should direct their application to the Landesregierung. In the UK, next to the governmental funding system, there are various trusts and many other voluntary organizations where you can apply for financial support.

If you never wrote an application to a cost-bearer before, ask your local dealer, or a local organization for the Blind and/or visually Impaired for advice.



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