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Braille display updater


The HTUpdateCheck service keeps your Braille display always up to date. As soon as a new firmware is available for your Braille display, HTUpdateCheck will notify you with the option to install the new version.

Tips for using HTUpdateCheck:

  • HTUpdateCheck needs an internet connection to check if new versions are available.
  • The installation of a new firmware can take up to 45 minutes. Therefore HTUpdateCheck offers to perform the update at a certain time, e.g. at 06:00pm.
  • If the message "No device found" appears, please check if the Braille display is connected and switched on.
  • The message "Multiple devices found. Please connect only one device" means, that only one Braille display can be updated at a time.
  • In Safe Mode, the message "Your device is in Save Mode. Please connect your device in normal working mode." If your Braille display is still in Save mode after you turn it on again, you can also perform the update by running the setup file directly.
  • The current setup files can be found at Braille Display Software.




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