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HTUpdateCheck is a software developed by Help Tech Gmbh. This software makes the process of updating your Braille device simple and intuitive.

We will briefly explain here what the error messages in our software HTUpdateCheck can mean.

  • If the message "No device found" appears, it means that the program could not find a supported device. Therefore, make sure that everything is properly connected, that your device is supported by our program and that the device is turned on.
  • If the message "Please connect only one device at a time" appears, it means that you have connected two devices to your computer. HTUpdateCheck supports only one device at a time, and you should connect only one device.
  • If the message "Your device is in safe mode. Please connect your device in normal mode.", it means that your device is in safe mode and you should connect it in normal mode to view and update your current firmware.
  • If the message "No Internet connection found" appears, it means that it was not possible to connect to the server. Then check if all cables are properly connected and restart the internet modem.




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