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Software Components

HTCom version

2016 July
HTCom is used for file transfer between Braille System and PC.

ATC-LogPlayer V1.0.1.0

At the moment, the description of this software is only available in German, but we are working on adding the English text.

ATC-LogAnalyzer V2.0.0.2

November 27th, 2013
The ATC-LogAnalyzer, now with version 2.0, was completely re-designed. The most important design change is the implementation of a sophisticated processing algorithm. Every time a log file is opened enhancements of the Log-file are processed. This pre-processing algorithm is correcting falsified information within the log-file, which could be caused by a short deactivation of ATC when refreshing the Braille content on the Braille display, or caused by the hand movement when reaching form the end of the displayed Braille text to the front of the next section of Braille. The new ATC-LogAnalyzers also corrects some of the previous analyzing algorithm. The many item analyze is no longer needed, since the analysis is already done when the opening a log-file. Even if you change the setting of the reading characteristics the analysis is done on the fly. For example, if you set a specific word to analyze its reading behavior, you will find immediately the results of the analysis.



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