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Free update service for your Connect Braille

Here you will find the improvements for your Connect Braille that we have developed as a free service for you. The improvements of the functions of your Connect Braille build on each other. For example, if your Connect Braille is still using version 1.0 from 2019, you can get all the improvements up to the current version by updating to the current version.

Below is an overview of the improvement for your Connect Braille, starting with the current version:

Connect Braille Firmware 1.1 (02.10.2019)
• A problem was fixed which resulted in the battery status being falsely reported as empty after a firmware update.
• Connectivity and stability have been improved.

Connect Braille Firmware 1.0 (07.07.2019)
• This is the initial version.
• Braille display only, without note function
• USB connection plus 3 Bluetooth connections to
• Bluetooth pairing with common smartphones with iOS or Android
• no internal note function
• no Active Tactile Control (ATC)



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