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Ergonomical Braille Keyboards

A Braille keyboard allows blind users to enter text very efficiently. It consists out of eight keys to enter Braille characters and a thumb key for the use as a space key. A Braille character is written by pressing a combination of those eight keys. The keys on a Handy Tech device are positioned as to allow entering text in a relaxed hand position. The orientation of the keys points inwards to match the natural position of a hand, rested palms down on a table. The keys are positioned on the keyboard as to compensate the difference in length of the fingers on one hand. The keys’ elongated shape makes it fit hands of all sizes. The ergonomic Braille keyboard by Handy Tech was designed especially for the use of young students and is protected for Handy Tech by the utility patent 295 16 642.8 "Braille input key board"



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