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Meet the Help Tech team.

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Management & Sales manager

Management of Help Tech - Sigi Kipke und Marc Züfle
Sigi Kipke
Managing owner/ director and Development

Marc Züfle
Managing director and Administration

Hans Katalenic
Sales management

Stuttgart Office

Markus Klay
Customer Consultant

Andrea Säger
Customer Consultant

Beate Witte

Marburg Office

Miklos Kranitz
Customer Consultant

Tanja Panter
Customer Consultant

Cologne Office

Sotirios Sotirakis
Customer Consultant

Tina Dreydoppel

Lüneburg Office

Daniel Kopczynski
Customer Consultant

Ali Savas
Customer Consultant


Annika Flaake
Annika Flaake


Help Tech GmbH
Brunnenstraße 10
72160 Horb-Nordstetten
Tel: +49 74 51 55 46 0
Fax: +49 74 51 55 46 67

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