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Active Braille firmware 4.7 released

Friday, 27. September 2019, 11:15

After Save mode was active, the battery status will be displayed as empty regardless of the actual charge level. This bug is fixed with version 4.7.

In addition, we have implemented 3 new firmware enhancements, which are really great especially in combination with the TabliApp.

1. Displaying of reading position

The reading position on the Braille display, as determined by ATC, is displayed in real time on the TabliApp. This is helpful especially in the teaching situation, because a sighted person can observe which text passage is being read by the blind user at the moment.

2. Displaying of the marked text passages

If text passages on the Braille display are marked, represented by dots 7 + 8, the marking is now also transferred to the TabliApp and is now displayed as inverted text.

3. Typing text input in monitor mode

When TabliApp is connected, the Braille display switches to internal mode. If a text file is then opened in the editor, keypresses can be transferred from the TabliApp to the Braille display as text input. This so-called keyinject allows writing on the Active Braille with the onscreen keyboard of the smart phone.

The firmware 4.7 you will find here.
You will also find the Firmware on your StartStick.

TabliApp improved and expanded

Thursday, 26. September 2019, 12:20

TabliApp displays the information of a Handy Tech Braille system on a smartphone. Developed for Android 9.0, the TabliApp creates a stable connection to an Active Braille, an Active Star or an Actilino by bluetooth.

Onscreen keyboard input is the most important enhancement to using the TabliApp as a communication tool for the deafblind. Now the text entered on the onscreen keyboard is displayed directly on the Braille display.

The onscreen keyboard allows a sighted person to communicate directly with a deaf-blind person. There is no need for a separate keyboard for the communication of messages to the deafblind person.

The most important improvements at a glance:
• Stable connection and reconnection with the Braille system
• Automatically detect an available device
• If only one device is available, it is automatically connected
• If there is more than one available device, it becomes the first active system
connected. If you want to connect to another system,
you can do this within the app.
• Successful automatic connection to a braille system will produce a vibration signal and a beep.
• Selected text on the Braille display (highlighted with 7 + 8) is displayed inverted by the TabliApp.
• Especially useful for the teaching situation is that the reading position is now displayed as an ATC position on the TabliApp in real time.
• The cursor position on the Braille display is underlined in the TabliApp.
• Writing on the Braille display is now possible via the onscreen keyboard of the mobile phone.



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