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The StartStick now also includes the audio manuals. We have added the audio manuals for Active Braille, Active Star, Basic Braille, Modular Evolution and Easy Braille in German and English.
If for example HTStart is detecting Active Braille, you will find as a third sub menu item audio manual version 4.0. When selected, the audio book format will be played by your standard media player as a playlist in mp3.
We recommend using the VLC Media Player, which is nicely accessible with screen readers.
Really handy is the possibility to select the speed and the pitch similar to a daisy player.
Audio manuals are not downloaded automatically to the StartStick due to their large file size. To download an audio manual, please select the entry “Get audio manual” from the “File” menu, then choose the audio manual to download.
With all these nice and free extensions of the StartStick it’s time for you to update your StartStick. This extension of the StartStick is a nice topic to send an infomail to your customers of Handy Tech Braille Displays.

The StartStick provides several helpful pieces of information about the configuration of your PC, like operating system with build or service pack, Handy Tech Braille Display with serial numbers, maintenance information, installed screen readers.



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