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Braille Labeler

The Braille Labeling Machine

Braille Labeler

Braille Labeling Without Knowing Braille

With the electric device Braille labeler, it is easy and fast also for sighted people to create transparent and self sticking Braille labels. Without the need of knowing Braille, the program shipped with the Braille labeler converts letters and numbers entered on a keyboard directly into Braille.

Use at any PC

Braille Labeler can be attached like a normal printer to any PC via a USB port. Just connect the labeler, insert the role of tape for embossing Braille and you are up and running. Now you can print easily Braille labels for medicine, herbs, CDs, shelves and much more.

Simple to Use

The five easy to detect keys allow a fast and simple use of the Braille Labeler. Especially the “cut” function makes it possible that you don’t have to rely on standard label sizes. If you either want to just emboss a word or a longer description, it can be done within seconds with the Braille Labeler. Just enter the text, activate “embossing” and the self sticking strip with Braille print can be placed anywhere.



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Technical Specifications

  • Interface: Serial and USB
  • 6-dot-Braille
  • Power supply: 100 / 240 V
  • Power consumption: 18 W
  • Braille tapes: BLTP-13A, 10 m
  • Dimension: 19,8 x 12 x 7,1 cm
  • Weight: 0,8 kg

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