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The handy helper for your shopping

All under control

It is sometimes hard for blind and visually impaired to differentiate individual products. With PocketShopper you can be sure that you are not mixing up tins of peas and dog food.

An easy to use hand-held scanner reads the barcode of products and your iPhone tells you what it is. Millions of products can be detected by PocketShopper. Use PocketShopper for doing you groceries or shopping at a drug store.

The products are announced by the speech output when using VoiceOver on your iPhone.
PocketShopper can be used exclusively with Apple devices working with iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

Independent of mobile reception

PocketShopper does not rely on an internet connection. The list of products is continually extended. You can even add products to the list yourself.

Creating a shopping list

If you want to make a note what you will need to buy use the shopping list feature of PocketShopper. If, for example, you run out of coffee just scan the empty box and add the item to your shopping list. Send your shopping list created with PocketShopper via Text message (SMS) or E-mail to a friend. Since the barcodes are a clear identification there is no danger to mix products up.

Organize your music CDs

Beside food, clothing, drugs and books PocketShopper also knows all of your CDs. Just scan the back of the CD cover and you know that this is ACDC and not Barbra Streisand.

Let your favorites talk

Products you tend to use often can be labeled individually with your own speech tag. Your favorite snacks could simply be announced as “yummy”.

Adding new products

Even though the list of products is extensive, it is possible that PocketShopper does not know a scanned product. As you can add it to the database yourself, this only can happen once for a product. You can enter your own text or record a speech tag for it.

New functions of version 4.0

Besides the internal database, the PocketShopper now also has access to a huge online data base and, as a result, recognizes a constantly growing and current amount of products.

The traffic light rating system is now shown for many products. So you will be able to keep an eye on the nutritional value of your meals and to match it with your individual alimentation.

It is possible to create a shopping list and to send it via E-Mail or SMS. For this, the empty packaging has to be scanned and added to the shopping list of the PocketShopper.

The PocketShopper reads QR-Codes on business cards, address labels and many more. If you scan a QR-Code with a web address, the website will automatically be opened in your browser!



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