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Unify AC-Win

System Solutions for Blind and Visually Impaired Telephone Operators at Unify Switchboards

We are technology partner of Unify. With the Handy Tech system solutions, blind and visually impaired operators can work with all versions of AC-Win. With the Handy Tech access technology, the switchboards AC-WIN 2Q, AC-WIN 2Q IP, AC-WIN MQ, AC-WIN MQ IP and the optiClient Attendant become workplaces to be used by people with visual defects as efficient as by their sighted colleagues, also under stress in daily work.

A complete workplace for a blind operator at the AC-Win switchboards of the HiPath 3000 and 4000 include the Braille display Braille Star 80 for tactile output in Braille, the software AC-BrailleWin and a screen reader . Our solution AC-BrailleWin is certified by Unify as part of the HiPath portfolio.

For visually impaired operators, we can offer a solution for switchboards at the HiPath 4000 with the system components AC-ViewWin and the screen magnification software ZoomText.

For blind operators working with the PC-based switchboard optiClient Attendant of the HiPath 3000 we offer a Braille Attendant software solution.

Typical for all our solution is the compressed line enabling a very compact display of the most important switchboard information on the screen or the Braille display. We are pleased to offer complete workplaces for blind and visually impaired users with all service included.

AC-BrailleWin: System Solution for Blind Operators at all AC-Win Switchboards

AC-BrailleWin is a software module which converts the graphical user interface of the AC-Win call control for the Braille Star 80. Independent of the location of the AC call control window on the screen, the information will be processed.
Like it is the goal of a graphical interface to display information optimized for the sighted operator, AC-BrailleWin represents the AC information optimized for the blind operator. Working with the AC-Win call control, information are summarized in the so-called compressed line. This allows the blind operator to have fast access to all relevant switchboard information without the tiring search for the relevant screen position.

Using AC-Win MQ, information of the up to 12 queues and 6 loops are summarized in the compressed line. Calls of the loops can be answered directly with the Braille display by using the cursor routing keys.

In addition to the Braille output, the call control information can be displayed on the screen in a own window. Font type and size as well as foreground and background colour can be adjusted to the user’s need. The information shown in yellow will be summarized on one line on the Braille display when using compressed mode. Even status information like for example night service can be displayed.

AC-ViewWin: System Solution for Partially Sighted Operators at all AC-Win Switchboards

With AC-ViewWin, the switchboard information can be displayed like in an AC window. Font size and colour combination can be adjusted. The AC-ViewWin window can also be displayed automatically. While changing to DS-Win, AC-ViewWin automatically changes to the background.

Braille Attendant: System Solution for Blind Operators Working with the optiClient Attendant

The Braille Attendant system is a script package for working with the optiClient Attendant of the HiPath 3000. This system solution enables to have all Attendant switchboard information in one text line. With the adjustable compressed line, all important switchboard information can be summarized on a Braille display. We complete this solution with our Braille display Braille Star 80 and the screen reader.
System Components

Following components are part of the solutions offered by us. On demand, other combinations are also possible

Braille output

Braille Star 80 is an ergonomic Braille system optimized for use in a professional work environment. Information of the screen are displayed tactile on a Braille display in Braille what enables the blind operator to read the information tactile. Braille consists of up to 8 tactile dots. The dot combinations create the different characters. Braille Star 80 is connected to the switchboard either via the serial port or via USB.

Braille Star 80 was especially designed for ergonomic use and is equipped with Handy Tech specific, concavely shaped Braille cells. This allows working for a long period without fatigue.

Beside Braille input and the Triple Action keys, Braille Star 80 is also equipped with a 16-key numeric pad. Braille Star 80 allows to connect two computers parallel, one via USB and one via serial port. The keyboard input of each computer is connected to the Braille Star 80 what allows that keyboard and Braille display interface are switched parallel.

With the possibility to plug a headset into the side of Braille Star 80, the blind operator can work with the speech output without disturbing other colleagues.

Braille Star 80 is not only a Braille display, it also includes internal note taking capability. While working on a PC, one can switch at any time to the internal note taking. This is how the blind operator can note telephone numbers and short messages without the need of the computer. These notes can be easily transferred to a PC.
Screen Reader

The screen reader can be used with all Windows versions.

The screen reader creates a universal access to Windows for the blind. Different applications like a telephone book on CD or an editing program for note taking or writing letters can be used with the screen reader. Optionally, you can also use it in combination with speech output.

Special features are automatic tracking of the windows focus, cursor routing, display of attributes, structured mode, online help system, individual adaptation possibilities. In the application DS-Win, entries can be selected directly with the Braille display.

Screen Magnification

ZoomText is one of the world’s leading programs for visually impaired displaying the windows screen enlarged and/or with speech output. The intuitive operating elements make using ZoomText easy also for computer beginners. ZoomText offers a lot of adjustment possibilities to enable displaying the screen information optimized to the needs of the user.

    Overview on the most important functions of ZoomText:
  • Magnification from 2 to 16 times
  • Smooth edging for text and graphic in all magnification levels
  • Powerful partial and full picture enlargement
  • Adjustable speed of the reading area within a window
  • Intelligent tracking function in all screen activities
  • Colour and size of mouse pointer and cursor can be adjusted in size and colour
  • Integrated “DocReader” and “AppReader” for easy text reading
  • Colour filter includes contrast, grey level and inverting
  • Automatic rooting of the cursor to the enlarged area
  • Freezing for observing messages in applications
  • Multi user function/configurations can be stored


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