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Unify Concierge

Concierge Access

This is how blind employees work comfortably and efficiently at modern switchboards!

Concierge Access Package

With the special equipment „Concierge Access“, the attendant console Concierge becomes a fully functional workplace for a blind operator. The delivered software converts screen information in a way that all functions of the attendant console Concierge are accessible for the blind.

Tactile Access to all Information

The blind operator can read the screen information tactile with the Braille system Braille Star 80. A screen reader software customized especially for the attendant console Concierge permits access to the information needed to manage the call handling. Additional information required for line-state monitoring are fully available.

Working Efficiently and Comfortably

With the function keys of Braille Star 80, all important operator transactions can be done directly via the Braille system. There is no need to change between PC-keyboard and Braille system all the time. The ergonomic arrangement of input and output elements is prerequisite to handle an even high performance at the switchboard efficiently and without fatigue.

Concierge is a product of the company Unify.



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