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Repair and Maintenance

Handy Tech and Help Tech guarantees the highest standards in product quality. Nevertheless, products sometimes can have a defect. In those cases, simply contact your local dealer or get in contact with our support team at +49 7451 55 46 55 or send an e-mail to In close consultation our support team will initially try to identify what causes the problem and if it can be solved by changes in the set up of your device or installation of software.

For repair, you can send the device to your local dealer. To help us process your repair as quickly as possible, please send a detailed description of the problems you encountered alongside the device.

As far as the defect was not caused by improper handling, within the first three years after purchase, the repair of the Handy Tech Braille displays is free of charge. For any other devices from Help Tech we offer a two-year warranty. More information on repairs within the period of guarantee can be found at Guarantee Handling.

At Help Tech we know how important a technical aid can be, especially if you need it at your workplace. That is why we offer exchange units for the time of repair, so you can carry on working as usual.



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