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Our international partners are also offering on-site service.

When you get your electronic aids, often on-site installation and a brief introduction is necessary. Your Handy Tech dealer will coordinate the schedule for the installation with the computing department of your company. The cost of this service, as a part of the complete solution, is dependent on the national funding system in place.

To adapt work stations of telephone systems for a blind or visually impaired employee, your Handy Tech dealer will coordinate the installation and training with the company providing your telephone system.

Help Tech works closely in partnership with Unify as a registered “Advanced Unify technology partner”. Our solutions for blind and visually impaired switchboard operators are certified by Unify. If, due to a system change in your computer, the adaption or reinstallation of your electronic aids are necessary, simply contact our service team

To use all of the complex functionalities of electronic aids efficiently, proper training is required. Ask your local dealer for an intensive training course or for customized adaptations of the software to improve your productivity.



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