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Remote Maintenance

If your computer requires a software modification or is plain acting weird, remote maintenance is advisable. Via remote access, a Help Tech technician can correct settings or solve problems on your computer from afar. In order for you to be able to follow up the changes as they happen, step by step, the technician will explain to you on the phone what he or she is doing at the moment. Your computer must be connected to the internet to allow remote maintenance service. Often, the remote maintenance software Team Viewer is used. It is not necessary to install a program on your computer to activate the remote maintenance and the connection to your computer is secured at all times. No third party can gain access to your computer during the session. An ID code and a password are generated when the remote session is started. The Technician can access your computer only when you provide him or her with the generated ID and password. Additionally, the software will ask for your approval if the technician wants to uploaded files on your computer.



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