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NVDA is a free screen-reader software for computers running on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Use this software to gain access to computers outside your home, in a public library or an internet café. On-screen information is translated by NVDA for voice and Braille output.

NVDA is an open source project. Everybody can participate in the development of this software. Help Tech got involved with this project developing the actuation for Braille displays.

You can download the free screen reader software at On this website you will also find a brief introduction as well as the following links:

  • Start NVDA now
    Following this link, you can use NVDA on a computer that is connected to the internet and runs on a Microsoft Windows operating system without having to install any software. When you start NVDA, Handy Tech Braille actuation will be uploaded automatically.
    This way you can connect for example an Easy Braille with HID (Human Interface Device) via USB to a computer and the Braille display is ready for use. Also a Handy Tech adapter cable is available that will turn any Handy Tech Braille display into a HID device and can be operated using NVDA without the need of installing the software.

  • Install NVDA on my PC
    Following this link, you will start the installation of the NVDA software. The Microsoft Windows country version of the computer will be identified automatically and the software will be installed in the respective language. Having the software installed on your computer you will not need an internet connection to use NVDA.

  • Install Handy Tech Braille support on my PC
    Following this link, the universal driver , which can identify all Handy Tech Braille displays, is installed.

You will find the latest version of the NVDA software at



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