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Universal Braille display driver

To operate Braille displays and Braille systems via screen reader programs, we offer a comfortable and universal Braille display driver. This driver automatically recognizes and operates all Handy Tech Braille Displays. Also the interface in use, no matter if it is USB or wireless Bluetooth, will be recognized automatically.

Using Microsoft Windows as an operating system, you can use the universal Braille display driver with the screen reader software JAWS, Supernova and NVDA. Exclusively for Handy Tech Braille Displays, the driver offers extensive functions which can be set via the configuration dialog using the following list of 6 Tabs:

  1. Connection:
    Set-up for device recognition and connection with a Braille display
  2. ATC:
    Set-up for assistive functions of the patent pending ATC technology for Active Braille, Active Star, Actilino and Modular Evolution.
  3. Status Cells:
    Set-up for status cells and their position
  4. Key Action:
    Individual keys can be blocked, set as hot keys or repeat keys.
  5. Miscellaneous:
    Pin drag set-up
  6. Info:
    Information on the connected Braille display (like the serial number), local dealers and maintenance.

The universal Braille display driver is available for a multitude of countries. We constantly work on extensions for this driver. The latest driver version can be found in the download section of our website.



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