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Assistive Technologies for Teachers

With the help of assistive technology, developed specifically to support teachers of blind and visually impaired students, teachers are able to follow their students learning process in precise detail.

Computers are the most common aid blind or visually impaired students work with. Students with visual impairments use magnification software, such as ZoomText to gain full access to their PC. Screen-reader software, like JAWS, is used by blind students. Help Tech offers expert training and brief introductory courses to enable teachers to instruct their students in the use of ZoomText and JAWS.

With the Braille monitor application, included in JAWS, text that is displayed on the Braille display is also shown on the computer screen. This way a sighted teacher can see what is displayed on a student’s Braille display and support the learning process well directed. Furthermore, the Braille monitor can view notes stored on the Braille system, in case a student uses a Braille system, like Active Braille.

Especially younger students, who do not use a Laptop yet, can benefit of Braille systems with integrated note taking functions. They can do their homework on it or take notes in lessons.

Help Tech patented ATC (Active Tactile Control) technology opened up totally new possibilities in assisting the learning process of a student. ATC, which is implemented in Actilino, Active Star, Active Braille and Modular Evolution, detects in real time the reading position on the Braille display. The advantages of ATC powered to common Braille displays are twofold. Not only do the assistive functions actively support the learning process, but they also allow to record reading patterns, which can be analyzed later on using the ATC-LogAnalyzer. Those records can be the basis of an objective evaluation of individual students. For better documentation and comparability the data can be exported as Excel files. We always work on adding more useful features to our assistive functions. Do not hesitate and share your ideas with us on how to make the most out of ATC in your classroom.



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