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Video Magnifiers

Video Magnifiers help partially sighted people by magnifying printed material, pictures or objects up to 60 times. A Video Magnifier, often also called CCTV, is a desktop device with a build in camera and a large display. Video Magnifiers are often equipped with a sliding XY-table. The XY-table allows you to move the stage forth and back as well as to the right and left, to center whatever you want to magnify. The auto focus function of a Video Magnifier creates a clear picture of objects and text even on three dimensional objects like medication packaging.

Basic models of Video Magnifiers, with a reduced magnification range, like the basic model of ClearView+ Flex Basic are covered by the German health insurers as well as the health insurers of most other European countries. The basic Video Magnifiers can always be upgraded to a fully equipped model in case the customer is prepared to cover the price difference.



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