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For Blind Students

A screen reader installed on a Laptop is the centre piece of a blind student’s equipment. For Microsoft Windows, we use the screen-reader software JAWS, which reads out information displayed on the screen and also translates it into Braille for a connected Braille display. For young students, who do not use a Laptop yet, a Handy Tech Braille system, which works independently of any computer, is ideal.

Handy Tech offers a wide range of mobile Braille displays which have proven themselves in the classroom:

  • connect Braille: use this small and compact Braille display on the go.
  • Active Braille: implemented, patent pending ATC technology actively assists the process of learning Braille on this Braille system.

Either optionally or as a standard, all Braille systems are equipped with Bluetooth technology. This way you can connect your Braille system not only to a computer but also to a mobile phone or Apple devices like the iPad.

Use iRead to turn your Laptop into an open reading system. iRead can recognize printed text supplied either by a scanner or as (iRead Now) with a camera and translate it for the voice output, which then will be read out and shown on the connected Braille display.



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