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Workstations for the Blind

Workstations for blind users are generally built up of a company’s computer supplemented by a range of technical aids. The most important of which is a screen-reader software like JAWS. With this software, on-screen information is read out to you as well as been displayed in Braille on a connected Handy Tech Braille display.

The key item of a blind user’s workstation is a Braille display, like the Modular Evolution. Equipped with ergonomically designed Braille cells and ATC technology, the Modular Evolution enables you to work comfortably and efficiently. The Braille Star 80 is the ideal choice for a telephone operator’s workstation. This Braille display can be connected to two computers in parallel, which allows you to use one PC solely for switchboard operation.

To independently manage everyday paper galore at the workplace, text recognition software, like iRead, is of great help. iRead can recognize printed text supplied either by a scanner or, with iRead Now, using a camera and translate it for voice output, which will not only be read out but also shown on a connected Braille display. You can edit the scanned text or save it as a PDF file.

A Braille embosser, will complete an ideally customized workstation.



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