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Workstations for the Visually Impaired

The work station of a visually impaired person is basically made up of a company computer which is connected to the company’s network. Dependent on the visual impairment, a large screen or even two screens could be necessary. People with a restricted visual field commonly prefer to use a small screen.

To display on-screen information magnified, special magnification software is used. Because of its comprehensive features, ZoomText has proven itself to be ideal for professional use. To have important on-screen information read out to you, you can use voice output in addition.

A video magnifier like the VocaTex also is an important part of a visually impaired employee’s workstation. Any printed medium, like business letters, captured by the camera will be shown in magnification on the computer screen. To guaranty a high resolution and clear picture, care must be taken to ensure that the reader is equipped with HD technology. Important features of those camera systems also are, auto focus, false-color view, and a wide range of magnification. To be able to access printed media in meetings, a mobile magnification device is necessary. Portable electronic magnifiers.



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