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Help Tech is proud of its international partners.

At Help Tech we believe that only through working on cordial terms, commercial success for us and our partners is feasible. Help Tech is known for high quality, good service and fast delivery of Handy Tech Braille displays. By having a well-established administration system we are trying hard to meet your demands always on time. Our dealers build an innovative network helping us to provide you with the best product range on the market. At Handy Tech Technology you find some outstanding examples of the uniqueness of our products.

The dialog with our dealers is always important to us. We hold meetings, seminars and presentation at our dealer's sights. For our dealers, the restricted Dealer Section provides valuable detailed product information.

A big additional factor to the end user pricing of equipment is the VAT. In some countries this sales tax is 25% or even higher. In Germany this tax, called “Mehrwertsteuer”, is 19% high. There are some products which qualify for reduced tax rates. Often products, which help to cover basic needs, are acknowledged for lower tax rates. In Germany the lower tax rate is 7% high. Some countries, e.g. France, agree that technical aids are part of the basic needs of disabled people. Other countries list products, like Video Magnifiers, that qualify for lower tax rates. Unfortunately, in some countries there are no tax reductions for technical aids.

It is possible to apply for reduced VAT. Your local tax office can provide you with information about the proceedings. Sometimes there is a special VAT privilege for businesses owned and managed by a handicapped person, or nonprofit organizations. These businesses can sell all their products to users at a reduced tax rate.



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